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Daily Travels

Almost every day my dog and I go for a stroll around a field on our property. Inara keeps busy stuffing her nose into the grass and mud searching for small rodents to hunt. I walk around taking photographs and looking for the quasi-resident group of blue birds or the occasional falcon or hawk.

This time of the year everything is muddy and brown, but there’s still a lot of beauty left. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from some autumn and winter walks.

A husky shepherd mix sniffing through a field for rodents

I happened to be outside as one of the last real thunderstorms of the season rolled in. It was amazing watching the herd of stampeding water droplets blow across the sky, writhing and boiling.

A photograph of thunder clouds rolling and boiling in the sky.

These dried flowers are whitish blooms in the summer, but they dry out to a pretty slate gray, covering our field in an ever growing haze. When you crush and smell the dried blossoms, they have almost a medicinal smell to them. I wish I knew what they were, but I haven’t been able to identify them yet.

Dried silver flowering weed

Over the past few years this lovely, though probably invasive, species of grass has been popping up in the field. I’m mesmerized by their tufts swaying in the breeze or glowing golden in the afternoon sunlight. They’re one of my favorite subjects to photograph out on my walks.

A photograph of some species of invasive decorative grass against a deep blue sky

I live next door to a family with a large barn with a number of horses and they always have a barn cat or two prowling around, much to the local wildlife’s dismay. This past summer we had so many stray and barn cats around that we barely saw any frogs! One day I happened upon this tortoise shell kitty, practicing her camouflage. Can you spot her?

A cat very well camouflaged in a thicket

Happy Trails!
– Jools

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