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About Julia Grace

The Artist Julia Grace

I grew up an only child in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, where I spent my time talking to pet cats and catching frogs, fish, newts, chipmunks, and myriad other hapless creatures, so I believe it was inevitable that I would become a writer and an artist or a cave-dwelling hermit. Seeing that comfortable caves deep in enchanted forests are rather hard to come-by, I chose the artist’s way instead. My heart, however, has grown roots and branches where it shelters an enduring passion for creatures, nature, and fantasy; three themes which my work often revolves around.

As an artist I strive to produce vivid imagery, evoke emotion, and create engaging characters in all the mediums I work with. I always seek to learn more and improve my skills, though I often struggle with expecting perfection of myself. Learning to accept imperfections, realizing where my strengths lie, that I can improve the skills I find myself lacking, and that it truly is never too late has been a large part of my journey as an artist and I look forward to where the journey will take me from here.

All in all, I’m your average twenty-something looking for my niche in life. I am bare-branched, waiting to bloom; trying to find myself and break the bonds of what’s expected by others and myself, of what I think is “acceptable” instead of what I want to be, of confusion and fear, and all the other things holding me back while trying to keep my head above the quicksand of all things that stamp out individualism and creativity.

Artist Q&A:

• What are your strengths?
My greatest strengths as an artist lie in Photography, Needle Felting, and other 3D art forms as well as fiction and poetry writing. I also believe that my imagination is a strength, since without it I wouldn’t be able to create anything.

•What areas do you wish to improve in most?
I love drawing and painting, but my skills in these areas are far from where I would like them to be, but I am now seeking to improve. I say “now” because I’ve spent my whole life struggling with the belief my art was “not good enough” and became so discouraged I believed I “would never be as good as I wished”, so I didn’t practice or try to improve my drawing and painting skills. The bright side is that while I believed those lies I attended and graduated from a wonderful photography school, which has not only become an integral part of my work, but has provided me with skills that benefit many of the other mediums I work with.

Fun Q&A:

•Do you play an instrument?
Not fluently. I love picking out tunes on the ocarina, recorder, and piano and would love to learn to play all of them better, as well as guitar and violin, which is way too ambitious for my own good.

•What do you collect?
Probably more than I should! I love hats and ties and don’t wear either often enough. I also have a large button collection (the pin on kind, with snarky phrases or cute pictures) and I have quite a few dragons hanging around. I would love to collect typewriters and old cameras, but I currently don’t have anywhere to put them.

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