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Folio For Russel Gordon

Julia Grace Johns


“Pirate Octopus”
Digital Painting
This little octopus dreams of growing up to be a pirate, just like Davy Jones, and ruling the deep-sea with his trusty crew. This digital painting was created in Photoshop.

“One Tough Bunny”
Digital Painting
“One Tough Bunny” is my gothic punk take on the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. He is based on a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit and was created in ArtRage.

Fantasy girl drinking from glowing chalice

“The Ritual”
What will happen when the girl drinks from the glowing cup? Is she in danger or will it save her? Is she joining a family, a culture, or a cult? Is it poison, wine, dragon’s blood, or the red light of a dying star? This piece was lit with a flashlight and photographed with an iPhone.

“Sam Beam”
Traditional Watercolor
This piece is a portrait of my favorite musician, Sam Beam, of Iron & Wine. It is painted with watercolors and a little gouache. All white is the paper. I also mix all my own colors, including black, from the primaries as I believe this gives me a better understanding of color.

 “Starry Sky Whale”
100% Wool Sculpture
I created this wool sculpture for Neil Gaiman’s Calendar Of Tales collaborative project with Blackberry. It was chosen as one of 20 finalists for the February tale by Neil and is featured on the Calendar Of Tales website. If you would like to see how this sculpture was made, I have a post with images of the whole process here.

  “Starry Sky Whale”
100% Wool Sculpture
Only non-wool item are the seed bead eyes. He has a 9″ Body, 7″ Tail-span, 12″ Wingspan, and is 12″ Wingtip to Tail-tip.

Digital Painting
Barn owls are my favorite species of owls. For this painting I imagine a hapless little mouse just off-screen completely unaware death will arrive on wings from above. This was painted in ArtRage.

Needle felted water dragon sculpture

“Lesser Water Dragon”
100% Wool Sculpture
This little dragon inhabits small streams and brooks, happily hunting minnows and water bugs and sunning himself on rocks amongst the ferns. He is appx. 12″ long and 2″ high. He’s 100% wool and does not contain any wire armature or any other non-wool items.

“Elven Child”
Digital Painting
While meeting an elf is quite an uncommon occurrence, meeting one of their children is even more rare. This little boy was very curious and decided to come see who exactly was wandering in his forest. This painting was created in Photoshop.

100% Wool Sculpture
Fiona is a happy little child who is very excited for her bubble bath. The wool used to create her was sourced from other small businesses and artisans, including her hand dyed hair, which came from Russia. She does not contain any non-wool items, is 6″ Tall Freestanding, and mildly posable. She has ears with ear canals, nostrils, collar-bone, belly button, fingers & toes with nails, knee caps, arched feet, shoulder blades, etc.

Triple exposure portrait of emotional faces smiling, screaming, and neutral

We often live our lives hiding behind our own faces, using it as a mask contorted into an appropriate expression for the occasion. I created this piece around that concept, to reveal the trapped emotions within. The three portraits were each photographed with my iPhone and overlaid with Photoshop.

Digital Painting
This piece was created as a valentine’s tribute to two of my favorite poets: Edgar Allen Poe and John Keats. The raven, who would very much like to steal your heart, is painted on a page composited of Keats’ love letters to Fanny Brawne. The raven was painted in ArtRage and then placed on the page, which was created in Photoshop.


“Welcome To Wonderland”
This piece is part of a project I’ve entitled “Wonderland”. Each photograph is manipulated completely in camera using items like magnifying glasses to achieve the desired effect. This photograph was captured using my iPhone.

A watercolor painting of Neil Gaiman

“Cabal & Lola”
Traditional Watercolor
This piece features Neil Gaiman’s two White German Shepherds. I painted it to memorialize Cabal, who had recently passed away. It is painted with watercolors and a little gouache. All white is the paper and all colors were mixed from primary red, yellow, and blue.


“Super Cabal”
100% Wool Sculpture
This wools sculpture was also created to memorialize Neil Gaiman’s dog, Cabal. He is appx. 8″ long and 4″ high and does not contain any wire armature.


“Super Cabal”
100% Wool Sculpture
His removable cape is handmade with a magnet clasp and he has a black wire collar with an authenticity tag.


“Super Cabal”
100% Wool Sculpture
The only non-wool item in this sculpture are the black seed bead eyes.

“Crystal Gazer”
Traditional Pen Drawing
This little gryphon was given a crystal ball as a eyass and it quickly became impossible to pull him away from his gazing. Now he’s grown up and ruffling feathers when he deigns to reveal what he sees. He’s even started a war or two.

100% Wool Sculpture
Maxey is a commissioned pet portrait sculpture of a beloved border collie who passed away. Her long wool fur was felted onto a hand felted base form and trimmed to the correct length. If you would like to see the creation process for Maxey, I have a post about it here.


“Chasing Ewe”
100% Wool Sculpture
Here is Maxey herding a wool sheep. Maxey is freestanding with one paw raised. Approximately 5″ in length and 3″ high. The only non-wool items she contains are seed bead eyes and an internal glass marble for weight. You can view more photographs of Maxey here.


“Under The Weeping Tree”
This is another piece from my “Wonderland” series and was also captured using my iPhone and a magnifying glass.

Digital Pencil Drawing
Rebecca is out for a stroll on a chilly fall day. This piece was created in ArtRage.

Illustrated Blown Ink Artwork

Illustrated Blown Ink
This fish was created using a blown ink technique. Ink is dropped on paper and then blown using a straw. A calligraphy pen was used to close the fins and add the bubbles and white ink was used for the eye.


“The Sound Of Summer”
Every summer we listen to the whine and drone of cicadas. This dog day cicada visited the tree next to my home and let me photograph him while he snacked on some sap. This photograph was captured using a dSLR.


Jadeiah loved to sit by the window and dream of the world outside. This photograph was taken on my iPhone.


“Happy Kidney”
Handmade Plushie
This happy kidney plush was created for and won a deviantART Random Phrase contest, in which my phrase was “Talking Kidney”. He is made from Eco-fi felt and stuffed with polyfill. The facial details are glued on with fabric glue and then hand stitched for strength.


4″x4″ – 4″x6″
These portraits were taken with an iPhone and dSLR respectively, manipulated in Photoshop then printed, hand aged, and have a story inscribed on the back as part of a gift for Ransom Riggs, the author of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. They were inspired by his habit of collecting old photographs and my love of all things odd.


“Wise One”
From wisdom to mysticism owls have long been an incredibly symbolic animal and I love featuring them in my work. I photographed this majestic Eagle Owl while attending a falconry demonstration. It was taken with a dSLR.



Digital Painting, Photomanipulation, Traditional Painting, and Photographs
These are examples of some of my bookmarks. The first two were designed for a bookmark contest for All Hallows Read to promote the giving and reading of spooky books at Halloween time, the third is a traditional acrylic painting, and the final three are photographs.


“The Greatest Journey”
Eastern box turtles spend their whole lives in a territory about the size of a football field, but with their habitats being divided by roads and encroached on by housing they must embark on harrowing journeys to find mates. Will this guy be able to avoid lawn mowers, dogs, and cars long enough to find a mate? The pieces in this photograph were taken using a dSLR.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Please feel free to browse my other work under the “Goods” menu above and let me know if you have any questions, would like to see anything at a different size, or without watermarks.

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