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Wool Sculpture Care

Needle Felted Dragon


• The best way to care for your wool sculpture and guarantee they will last for years to come is to handle them with extreme care. However, my wool sculptures are felted incredibly firmly to give them strength and durability. They have very little give, will not squash, lose their shape, or fall or pull apart with mild to moderate play or handling. I am often known to toss mine into my bag to take them on outings and my cats have gotten a hold of, bunny kicked, bitten, and shook some of my pieces and all have survived with little to no damage. Most wool sculptures are not meant to be given to children, but I do my best to make my sculptures able to stand up to to gently play from a child who knows how to take care of toys.

• Never pull on fur, hair, limbs, ribbon, or wire decorations on your sculpture. Moving well attached limbs gently is acceptable, but never push them past their limits or yank on them.

• Most of my sculptures do not contain a wire armature since wire armatures will break with overuse and can eventually poke out of the sculpture. However some of my pieces, especially those that stand, can have their poses mildly adjusted by gently pushing, twisting, or pulling the limbs to the desired position. Never twist more than a 1/8-1/4 turn in any direction or push past resistance.

• Sculptures that have long hair or fur should be given extra care when handling since over-handling will cause the fur to felt down in the same way that regular teddy bear fur will. Since my sculptures are made from 100% wool or other natural fibers this can happen faster than it does with the artificial fibers most stuffed animals are made of today.


 Care & Cleaning:

• It is best to display your sculpture away from direct sunlight to prevent the fading of colors.

• Do not brush your sculptures, especially sculptures that have been furred or have long hair, with a comb or brush. Doing so will cause some fibers to pull loose and fall off of your sculpture. If done repeatedly the sculpture will eventually go bald or become damaged. If you need get fur back into place you may gently smooth it in the direction wished with your fingers or a clean, soft make up or paint brush.

• Do not let your sculpture come in contact with sticky or snagging substances such as tape and velcro. If your sculpture ever does become entwined with an object such as velcro remove as slowly and gently as possible, unwinding the fibers as you go. If you must pull, do your best to hold the fibers down to the sculpture to keep them from ripping away.

• Keep your wool sculpture away from dirt and liquids. If your sculpture does get dirty or stained you can clean the area by first gently brushing away all surface dirt with a clean, soft make-up or paint brush then gently cleaning the stain with a q-tip that has been dampened with cool water.

• If the stain still remains, you can add a tiny, minuscule even, amount of  Woolite laundry detergent to your q-tip and very gently try to clean the stain. Please be aware that water and friction, especially hot, soapy water will cause felting to occur and can reshape your sculpture.

• Your sculpture should not be soaked or more than damp from cleaning, but be sure to dry it thoroughly. Soak up any extra water by gently pressing a paper towel or soft cloth to the area and then place in front of a fan to air dry. Never use a hair dryer or place in direct sunlight to dry.

• Never soak your sculpture or put it through the washer or dryer UNLESS your product is a dryer ball or washable ball toy since this will cause irreparable damage to your sculpture.


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