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Happy Halloween!

Things here have been insanely busy for more than a month while I’ve been teaching and vending, so I haven’t had time to do much of anything by way of updates or even making new art. However, as it was my birthday yesterday and today is Halloween I decided to have a little fun and create a photomanipulation I’ve been considering for a while now. Enjoy!

A self portrait zombified photomanipulation

Isn’t it lovely…er….deliciously creepy? I had a lot of fun making it. Here’s the original image I began with. I was photographing a necklace and chose a Hipstamatic film/lens combination that was too dark for what I was going for, but as soon as I saw it I thought it would make for a great zombie photomanip.

Before I turned into a zombie

The first step is making some basic adjustments. They’re more obvious when the image is viewed on black, but I darkened the brownish halo in the shadows and increased the contrast a tad.

Basic Adjustments

Next step is to get rid of the necklace and the distracting area of light.

Removing the necklace and light spot

Now I begin the zombification process! First, ripping open my mouth.

Tearing the mouth

Zombies need something to chew all those brains with, so I added my teeth back in from another self portrait and manipulated them into looking like I need dental care pronto.  I also made the edges of the flesh look raw by overlaying images of a cut.

Adding teeth

Continuing with the theme that I’d met with a rather unpleasant end before joining the living dead, I added a nasty slash to my chest that seems to be infected with something…serious. I also added a few scratches and nicks to my face.

Slicing and cutting the zombie

I’m very pale skinned and naturally make a better vampire than a zombie, so I gave my skin some greenish tones.

Zombies have green skin

Just the toppings left! I finalized the image with a few overlay textures and voila! Zombie Jules.

Adding the last textures and finishing the photomanip

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween and for those here on the East Coast, I wish you a speedy recovery from Sandy if you were affected.
– Jules

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